We are KeySource Investigations

Our mission is to deliver superior results by leveraging experience and technology. The quest for the truth continuously raises our standards and allows us to provide complete and thorough investigations. Our company’s success has been founded on the core principles of dedication, honesty and passion.

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Our Services


Our licensed and experienced investigators work the surveillance assignment within the established time frame.

Traffic Crashes

We uncover the events that lead to an accident to determine the liability of insurers.

Internet Mining

We go beyond the “social media” search, by delving deep into the web to compile info about the subject.

Medical Canvasses

Our HIPAA compliant medical canvasses can be conducted anywhere in the United States.

4 Elements of Fraud

Common types of fraud include: padding/inflating actual claim, misrepresenting facts, submitting false claims/injuries, and staged accidents.

  • Material Misrepresentation

    A lie that would induce a party to act differently than if they knew the truth

  • Intent

    Clear evidence that the act was intentional and not a mistake or oversight

  • Loss

    Typically monetary and is usually easy to prove

  • Knowledge

    Proof that a false statement was made with intent to deceive