KeySource Investigations

Our company’s success has been founded on the core principles of dedication, honesty and passion.

About Us

Welcome to KeySource Investigations, where our goal is to be your key source for surveillance, investigations and SIU services.

I began my investigative career in 1988 and established KeySource in 2015. The company’s foundation began with the beliefs that superior results are achieved by working closely with our clients to discuss and determine a plan of action for each assignment; to follow up on every lead and leave no stone unturned; to provide excellent customer service; to address any problem that does arise immediately and fix it; and to continuously seek education to better ourselves and stay competitive.

My promise is that the investigations team and I will work hard every day to earn your business through each assignment and will work even harder to keep it. We don’t believe in complacency. We don’t believe that surveillance is “hit or miss.” We believe in hard work and uncovering the truth. We believe in holding ourselves to higher standards.

I love what I do and always have. I know that there are many companies to choose from and thank you for entrusting KeySource with your investigative needs. I look forward to building a long lasting, successful partnership with you.

– Teri Simpson, President/CEO

Tips to Help Your P.I.

1 Provide a photo. Providing photo improves identification of employee/claimant in the field. Photos of siblings or relatives with similar attributes or features are helpful as well.

2 Provide relative/known associates names.
This will assist in locating the claimant and help identify others during surveillance efforts. This also provides another avenue during social media site searches.

3 Provide all known e-mail addresses.
E-mail addresses are a person's fingerprint online. E-mail addresses help find claimant's and relatives' social media accounts.