Investigative Services

We focus on the quality of service that we render to our clients.


We believe that video documentation of a subject’s activities is an essential component in the investigation of any suspicious insurance claim. Once an assignment is received, we speak with our client to identify goals and expectations. We then formulate a thorough investigative plan taking into consideration all aspects of the claim and conduct a pre-surveillance investigation. Our licensed and experienced investigators, utilizing KeySource’s established surveillance protocol as well as any client special instructions, work the assignment within the established time frame. Clients receive updates on the progress of the assignment after each day surveillance is conducted unless otherwise instructed. Upon conclusion, a detailed final report is sent along with a video link containing all video obtained during our efforts.

Activity Check

Our licensed and experienced investigators, utilizing KeySource’s established protocol as well as any client special instructions, will conduct a discreet neighborhood canvass in order to gather information on a subject’s activity level as well as assess surveillance feasibility.


Each background investigation is catered to our client’s specific need. With access to extensive public and private database sources, our team digs to find all available information in regards to the subject. Searches available, but not limited to include asset and financial liability checks; prior work related injuries; county, state and federal criminal and civil records; comprehensive database reports; property records; business records; UCC filings; motor vehicle reports; judgements; locates; courthouse searches and record retrieval. (Based on individual state laws, some of the searches listed above may not be available.)

Medical Canvasses

Our HIPAA compliant medical canvasses can be conducted anywhere in the United States and can provide information on previously undisclosed medical care. Facilities available for canvassing include hospitals, walk-in/urgent care clinics, pharmacies, MRI/diagnostic and specialty fields such as cardiologists, chiropractors, orthopedists, surgeons, pain management clinics and ophthalmologists.

Claims Investigations

Our comprehensive claims investigations help our clients make the correct decision regarding the claim. Services include videotaped, written and recorded statements of the subject and witnesses; scene investigations and alive and well checks.

Internet Mining

Determining a subject’s online activities is another key component in the investigation of any suspicious insurance claim. We go well beyond just the “social media” search and delve deep into the web to find and compile information about the subject. Many times, future subject plans are identified and present opportune times to conduct surveillance. All developed information is organized into our final report with screenshots. In addition, we offer monitoring services which consist of the daily review of a subject’s most used social media profiles. Any pertinent information is immediately reported to the client.

Traffic Crash and Reconstruction Investigations

Uncovering the events that lead to an accident will determine the liability of insurers. Our investigation includes forensic mapping of the scene and the damaged vehicles; documentation of the roadway evidence; downloading of the event data recorders; the mathematical reconstruction of the speed and position of the vehicle(s) before, during and after the impact; and an expert based final report and testimony.

Special Investigations Unit

Our experienced SIU team will first conduct a claim review to identify red flag evidence. A written fraud evaluation report is then provided to the client which includes recommendations. After receiving approval from the client to proceed, a fraud investigation is launched that includes gathering additional evidence (additional statements, surveillance, etc.) if needed and ultimately, the presentation of the claim to the state for fraud prosecution consideration. Our team serves as the liaison between the state agency and the client allowing us to closely monitor the progress.

Vendor Management

We serve as the single point of contact and oversee the assignment management, report and video quality and time service requirements.  We have extensive partnerships with investigators throughout the country with guaranteed fee structures to help our clients cut costs on investigative services.

Four Elements of Fraud

A lie that would induce a party to act differently than if they knew the truth